Shiva amvaj super volt ammeter use for measuring & monitoring different parameters of net even phase voltage & phase-null   voltage.


 Super Volt-Ampere  96A


Monitor  net frequency in HZ position.*

*monitor   CT adjusted   value   in(  I HZ/MAX    position).

* monitor   RST current    separately   in  I  position.

* monitor  maximum   current RST  separately  with memory clear  ability  in MAX  A   position.



12 SET IN 1 SET  consist of

* volt  meter set with out  need to volt key have 6 volt parameter  monitor ability

* 6 set for voltage max imeter    separately .

* ampere  meter set  for monitor (R-S-T) current.

* 3 current   maxi meter set

1 frequency  meter set


Constant or rotate voltage and current ability

Show adjusted  CT  value  ability in during work.



By using from shivaamvaj  super  96   monitoring net voltage  , current and frequency precise with very precise maxi meter  in different times of net voltage position and will program your set  in formally.


  super  volt 96 A


Technical   specification:

*input voltage:  AC  150-250V   50-60 HZ

*voltage measuring precision      -1 v

*current measuring precision     0.01A  for     5A  CT

                                               0.1A     for     10A - 80A CT

                                               1A        for more than    80 A

Adjustable  CT    range:



100-150-200-250-300-400-500-600-750-800 thu (1000)

Frequency   measuring precision   -0.1

Leader wiring installation on set   terminals.